You got your hat and now you want it to last? Well, there are simple ways to add years to it.
Follow the steps below to get it


Proper handling will prolong the life of your hat, never try to touch it with dirty or greasy hands or gloves, there is no faster way to ruin it.

Take the hat underneath both sides to maintain the shape and the edge assembly. If you have a stand or block, rest your hat on one of these and will facilitate this operation.

Avoid leaving your hat on flat surfaces, especially if it has a handleable edge. To preserve the tone or range of the edge the lower front of the edge must be hung over the edge of any surface

Hats left on a table lean back and forth, and eventually deform it. If necessary, you can also rest a hat on your crown by placing it on a clean surface.

With proper handling and care, a quality hat will remain a beauty and source of pride in any collection or any head for years to come.

Clean and remove stains

Whether vintage or modern, brush the hat daily with a soft bristled brush. Rigid bristle brushes will rip the fabric.

Use a dark colored brush for dark hats and a light colored brush for light hats.

A wet towel can also be used to remove the powders. Gently wipe the wet towel in a circular motion counterclockwise on the surface to quickly remove dust. To dry you can use a soft bath towel.

In difficult spots the brush will not catch up, try using a soft sponge and small pores, such as a make-up sponge or some foam rubber. Rubber sponges are slightly sticky and remove dirt from the surface away from the fabric.